• Troy Baker

A good portrait is never an easy undertaking.

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

It’s important to understand that there are always more than two people involved in a portrait. It’s not just the photographer and the subject but also the viewer. It can be said that the subject and the viewer can be one and the same thing. This is why it’s important to try and bring something extra to the table, something that speaks about the person or conveys a story. It’s not just about creating a pretty picture. Pretty pictures look nice but have no personal or emotional depth. They usually hold ones attention for a few seconds without really making any sort of connection.

I prefer to take some times to learn about an individual, their past, aspirations for the future, how they see themselves when faced with a mirror. It all empowers me to help tell their story and create something that speaks of them as a person, something we can be proud of, too silence those fears, to create an image that can install confidence and self-belief.

A good photographer should understand what any potential subject is going through when they stand in front of their camera. They are people who open themselves up to you and hope the masks they wear to hide their unspoken insecurities don't reveal themselves. It’s a photographers job to silence those fears, inspire confidence and self-belief.

Being a good portrait photographer is a gift so never doubt its importance. Seeing the smile or maybe a tear when they realize they are beautiful and deserving of attention. That's a true reward for any photographer.

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