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White Island: Edwards + Johann

A District Council initiative launches new Artists in Residence program

Edwards and Johann. An inspiring adventure.

Engaging in artistic endeavors opens many doors which often result in something rather special. Artist residencies provide opportunities for creativity and inspiration as a result of the artist's response to their new environment.

The Whakatane District Council has launched an Artist-in-Residence program with the first recipients being the acclaimed duo Edwards+Johann. A vital part of this residency involved a trip to White Island, New Zealand's only active marine volcano and as it is the very first residency, someone needed to be there on the ground recording their experience. And so, doors open for me.

An awe inspiring landscape that attacks every sense

I have made many trips to White Island and with each visit I arrive and leave in awe of this unique landscape. To see two new arrivals attempting to come to grips with what was in front of them reminded me of my first visit there. The colors, throat clenching smell, heat, noise and the visual overload. For me I watched these two ladies experience what is an amazing experience and all through the lens of my camera.

Many thanks to the staff at White Island tours (Danielle, Sarah) and also the Staff at the Museum Gallery ( Jordan and Victoria)

Nature at her best

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