• Troy Baker

Photography judging: Who's to Judge?

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Well its starts with me of course.

Breaking down an image and assessing its qualities is an acquired skill, one that helps create not just better images but better photographers. It’s hard enough for a photographer to place their pride and joy in front of a judge but damn intimidating when the photographer is placed in the position of passing judgment. You will either make someone happy, disappointed but hopefully enlightened.

After opting in for the PSNZ 2 day judging program in Hamilton and loving every second of it, I was prompted to do what I had been considering for quite some time, enroll in the PSNZ judging program. It’s a way to give back, help advance those around me looking for guidance (something I struggled to find when starting out) and becoming a better photographer by gaining a better understanding of how its all works.

Hopefully 6-12mnths from now I will be qualified and able to help those in need of guidance and direction.


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